Kolbus KM 411.B (2006)


Kolbus KM 411.B (2006)


Perfect binding line

Kolbus KM 411.B

Year: 2006

Consisting of

Book block feeder


Year: 2008


- Hand feeding station

- End sheet tipping unit

- 2 feeding stations

- Hotmelt

- Premelter

- Pressing station

- Transfer into the binder

Perfect binder

Kolbus KM 411.B


- Number of clamps: 30

- Main milling station

- 1st spine preparation station

- 2nd spine preparation station

- Excluding dust extraction system, machine was connected to a centralised dust extraction system

- Base for 1st spine glue system

- 1st hotmelt spine glue unit, interchangeable

- 1st premelter for spine glue unit

- 1st cold glue spine gluing, interchangeable

- Base for 2nd spine glue system

- 2nd hotmelt spine glue unit, interchangeable

- 2nd premelter for spine glue unit

- 2nd cold glue spine gluing, interchangeable

- Base for side glue system

- Hotmelt side glue unit, interchangeable

- Cold glue side glue unit, interchangeable

- Premelter for side glue unit

- Gauzing station

- Excluding cover feeder

- 1st nipping and pressing station

- HF High Frequency dryer

- 2nd nipping and pressing station

- Lay down device