Christian Majer MAM-BSZ4 (2005)

Christian Majer MAM-BSZ4 (2005)


Majer BSZ4+MAN cheese box production machine

Year 2005

Including trimming option

Operational range

Box diameter ∅110mm ±2mm

Box height 9 – 30 mm

Max. board strength 0.8 mm.

Max. diameter of rounds ∅175 mm •

Production output of the machine

Up to 100 boxes/minute (dependent on size and material)

Box top and bottom produced from standard moulded board approx. 400-500 g/m2

Installed nominal performance


Kom.Nr. 385.03 Masch.Nr. PC3-03/140

Main drive 11.0 kW

Stacker drive 0.55 KW

Suction fan 1.1 kW

Vacuum pump 2.2 kW

Heaters 6.0 kW

MAM Kom.Nr.570.01 Masch.Nr. ЗС3-03/142:

Main drive 3.0 kW

Dispenser collar material 0.18 KW

Feed of collar material (Servo) 1.09 kW

Feed of collar transport (Servo) 1.07 kW

Conveyor belts 2x 0.18 kW

Drive of spinner 0.5 kW

Winding head motion (Servo) 0.95 kW

Spring cage motion (Servo) 1.5 kW

Outlet belt 0.27 kW

Suction blower 1.3 kW

Heating calibration bush 1.2 kW