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Kolbus EMP 511 - Casing-in Open image

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Kolbus EMP 511

Age: 2010
Ref: 51892

Used for casing-in flat spine, rounded and backed book blocks into hard, flexible or plastic cases,
as well as subsequent pressing and joint forming of the book joint.

Equipped with:
Co-pilot system with touch screen monitor
Block supply via manual feeder
Control unit for the controlled, individual infeed of the book blocks with barrier
Case prestacking conveyor
Case bending machine
Case forming station
Case magazine
Pointed and bottom splitter for flimsy papers and gilt edge
Rubbing downunit
Hotmelt nozzle gluing system for joint gluing
incl. ROBATECH premelter CONCEPT
Glue circulation system with pump
EMP glue pump monitoring unit
Quick-change system for joint forming rails
2 pressing stations
Heater monitoring unit
Delivery tothe left, flat lying book transport

Further complete with:
Instruction manuals
Spare part catalogue
Electrical wiring diagrams

Technical specifications:
Max. book block size : 280 x 375 x 80 mm
Max. book block size : 305 x 375 x 30 mm
Min. book block size : 100 x 100 x 2 mm
Max. opened case size : 660 x 385 mm
Min. opened case size : 210 x 105 mm
Thickness : max. 7,0 mm/min 0,1 mm
Max. finished book size : 285 x 385 x 90 mm
Max. finished book size : 315 x 385 x 30 mm
Min. finished booksize : 105 x 105 x 6 mm
Mechanical speed : upto 30 cycles/min.
Weight 11.400 kg

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