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KGT - Kool Graphic Trade, Sheetfed Offset and Bindery machines

Heidelberg CD74-6+LX - 6-colour Open image

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Heidelberg CD74-6+LX

Age: 2006
Ref: 52034

Equipped with:
CD74-6 +LX F
Alcolor Vario dampening
Technotrans refrigeration (beta c.)
Water cooled cabinets
Automatic inking rollers washing devices (tissue)
Automatic blanket cylinders washing devices (tissue)
Automatic impession clinders washing devices (tissue)
Preset feeder and delivery
Diagonal register
Connected to a central air system

(Cold Air) (IR+Hot Air)(IR+Hot Air –interchangable with UV dryer)
UV Dryer (1 cassette) in the delivery has two lamps (brand: TOC)

Interdeck drying:
1st IST UV cassette (interdeck) to be placed after unit 2 and 4
Another UV cassette (interdeck) (brand TOC) could be placed after the 5th and 6th unit

Coating unit with chambered blade system (anilox/TRESU)
1 anillox (60 lines) will be included
Extended delivery
WEKO AP 262 Powderspray
Elevated 55 cm
Imps: 86,7 million

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