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KGT - Kool Graphic Trade, Sheetfed Offset and Bindery machines

Roland 907/6+LV - 7-colour Open image

Roland 907/6+LV

Age: 2007
Ref: 51999

Equipped with:
Hybride machine
RCI Remote control console
Multi CCI console
Inline Anilox tower coater ( with two anilox rollers )
Rolandmatic Delta dampening
Technotrans refrigeration and recirculation
ACS Logistics system
Sentinel inkfill system
Eagle Eye inspection control
Automatic ink roller and blanket washing devices
Remote Access Telepresence
Technotrans ink temperature control
3 UV interdeck dryers
UV end of press dryer
Grafix IR dryer
Grafix Cantronic powder spray
Nonstop feeder and delivery
Cabinets are watercooled ( no heatexchanger included )
Raised 650 mm
Approx. 250 mio impressions

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