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Kolbus KM 600 - Perfect binding Open image

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Kolbus KM 600

Age: 2011
Ref: 50770

Kolbus perfect binding line for short runs/digital printing
For the production of brochures and book blocks
Year 2011

Consisting of:
End sheet gluer VA 423.A
Hotmelt nozzle gluing system with NORDSON premelter
LOGICOM nozzle gluing control
Transfer to the binder
Ratiobinder KM600
Co-pilot with touch screen
21 clamps
Infeed incl. coupling to an end sheet gluer
Milling station (swivellable for tool change)
Spine preparing unit for roughening
Brushing station with roller brush
PUR spine gluing unit
NORDSON smelting unit (Kolbus XNO 961)
Hotmelt side gluing unit
Lining station
IR heating at curve
Rotary cover feeder RA 49.A
Barcode-Matching-System to compare the barcode from book block and cover
Double sheet controlSpecial equipment for the production of covers with pre-folded and folded-in covers
Scoring station for 4 scores
2 pressing stations
Straight delivery
Lay down device
Transport and drying line
Length approx. 20 meters
Incl. intermediate delivery TS.ZM (manual)
High capacity three knife trimmer HD 143.P
For three side trimming of book blocks and brochures, used as an
individul machine or as a unit within book production lines
Standard equipment:
Co-pilot with touch screen
Right handinfeed
Standard cutting tables (no. 4-18)
Knife setting gauge
Cut counter
2 sets of knives
Additional equipment:
Silicone spay device
Busch waste removal conveyor
Delivery roller conveyor
1 NESTRO dust removal unit for KM 600 (Kolbus XNE 250)
3 moveable dust barrels with waste bag

Technical specifications VA 423.A:
Max. book block size: 320 x 460 x 60 mm
Min. book block size: 100 x 125 x 1,5 mm
Capacity: up to 4.200 cycles/h

Technical specifications KM 600:
Max. book block size: 320 x 383 x 60 mm
Max. book block size: 190 x 460 x 60 mm
Min. book block size: 100 x 105 x 1,5 mm
Capacity: up to 4.200 cycles/h

Technical specifications HD 143.P:
Max. trimmed size: 305 x 420 x 80 mm
Min. trimmed size: 100 x 100 x 2 mm
Max.untrimmed size: 320 x 450 x 80 mm
Stack height: max. 80 mm
Feeding: max. 7.500 single products/h
Mechnical speed: up to 4.200 cuts/h

Further complete with:
Instruction manuals
Spare part catalogue
Electrical wiring diagrams

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