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KGT - Kool Graphic Trade, Sheetfed Offset and Bindery machines

Kolbus KM 411.B - Perfect binding Open image

Kolbus KM 411.B

Age: 2007
Ref: 52058

Consisting of:
Kolbus gathering machine, model ZU 841.B, no. 223
27 stations basic frame
24 standard feeders with optoelectronic signature recognition system
and automatic section thickness control ATC
24 bundle feeder type STA 840
Handfeeding unit between perfect binder and ZU
(covering two housing stations)
Crane system with 2 clamps
Reject unit AS 841 to the right
Transfer channel with jogging station
Becker air center
Endsheet gluer VA 422.B
Handfeeding unit
Hotmelt nozzle gluingsystem with premelter
Transfer to the binder
Perfect binder Publica KM 411.B
Copilot system with touch screen monitor
30 clamps
First milling station
Second milling station
2 spine preparation units (equalizing, notching)
First coldglue spine gluing unit
IR heating unit 6 KW
Second coldglue spine gluing unit
Coldglue side gluing unit (application width max. 13 mm)
3 x coldglue pumps (movable)
Interchangeable hotmelt spine gluing unit with premelter LH 375.B, age 2013
Interchangeable hotmelt side gluing unit with premelter LH 375.A, age 2014
Interchangeable hotmelt nozzle side gluing unit with integrated premelter
Lining station
IR heating at curve
Stream cover feeder SAL 411.B
Scoring station for 4 scores
2 pressing stations
HF unit 25 kW
Straight delivery
Laydown device to the left with shingled stream function
Transport and drying line
Incl. 2 x drying tower XAF 660
Incl. intermediate delivery TS.Z
Conveyor electrical cabinet TS.E
1 Kolbus splitting saw, TR160, age 2003
Right hand infeed
Straight transport to the infeed conveyor
Turn-over belt
Raising of the machine by 300 mm
1 Kolbus conveying system for double stream
With conveyor V-form TS.LV
With intermediate delivery TS.ZD (connection to the three knife trimmer or directly to the two stackers)
With conveyors TS.LD
With conveyor V-form TS.LV (splitting unit for connection to the two stackers)
1 Kolbus high capacity three knife trimmer, HD 153.M, age 2011
Right hand infeed
Copilot system with touch screen monitor
Magazine mode
Standard cutting tables (no. 7-18)
Transport by grippers
Knife setting gauge
2 sets of knives
2 Kolbus/Rima compensating stackers XRS 130, age 2007
Delivery with connection to stack aligner
Delivery with roller conveyor
2 Kolbus stack aligners RS 121
2 Kolbus blocking units VB 120
1 Kolbus stack packaging machine XBV
Feeding system from both sides
1 Kolbus palletizer PL 770, age 2007
Left version (Pallet magazine and feeder for slipsheets on the left)
Straight pallet delivery (taking off the pallets in running direction)
Suction device for processing slip sheets of porous materials
Device for automatic format adjustment
Pusher for products up to min. 1 mm
Air table (for palletizing sensitive products)

Further complete with:
Instruction manuals
Spare part catalogue
Electrical wiring diagrams

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