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KGT - Kool Graphic Trade, Sheetfed Offset and Bindery machines



Criminals/cyber criminals are actively trying to intercept invoices of companies which are sent by email or post.


After they intercepted these documents, they change the bank account number and ask you for misleading reasons to wire payment to this new account instead of the previous bank account given.

Please note that KGT Kool Graphic Trade BV will never change to another account number.


Our bank details are stated on the website


Our IBAN account number is NL72RABO0155481223.


In case you have any doubt if your payment will be wired to the right account number or if you have any doubt that information on contracts/ 
proforma invoices/invoices or any other document from KGT are correct, please contact us by phone during office hours (08.30 h – 17.00 h) on +


So please double check first. 
We prefer you wait one more day instead of wiring any amount to an account of which you are not sure it is ours.


KGT Kool Graphic Trade B.V.