Innovative technology for successful production of hardcover books, maximum output of 60 cycles/minute, excellent quality, and minimal costs - that's what the Muller Martini VBF Book Line Diamant 60 offers. The Diamant can produce many types of high-quality books, including classic hardcover books and those with integral, full-flap, or plastic covers. With the book line Diamant, the bookbinder has a production tool that can handle all these types.

The Commander is a fast and user-friendly touch screen device used to input new order data quickly, while also capturing the next order during production. It centrally controls the core book line, the fold-burn-in and press machine, and the book stacker.

During the entry of book blocks, the block position control automatically monitors the correct position of the incoming book blocks. Infra-red rays that are adjustable in a stepless manner heat the block back, rounding it perfectly. The feeding speed adjusts automatically to match the block format, ensuring that the book block is transported gently into the star aligner.

Proper rounding is essential for optimal book quality, making the setting of the rounding path directly on the commander during order preparation very important.

The hotmelt adhesive works in an insulated, energy-saving melting pot. A gentle processing and constant gluing are possible because of the low heating temperature used. A large melting pot volume means that the operator only has to refill it rarely, and the integrated viscosity measurement and automatic supply of pre-heated water from the melting pot's water tank ensures flawless glue preparation in the glue basin.

For efficient cover singulation, the high capacity of the pre-stack band allows the operator to conveniently add book covers. For bookbinders who process a wide range of covers, the proven belt singulation with slider support is the right choice. The optionally available vacuum support ensures maximum reliability in singulating even very thin covers in all formats.

A single process flow for fold-burn-in and pressing ensures the best book shape. Constant and full-surface pressing fixates the book shape permanently, and temperature and pressing pressure are adjustable continuously during fold-burn-in, ensuring that sensitive cover materials are handled gently. The long process times resulting from the double-flow principle are crucial to the excellent quality of books produced on VBF book lines.

All technical specifications are subject to change and modifications in construction.