The Kolbus range of casemakers consists of the DA 260, DA 270, and DA 280 machines. These machines offer exceptional performance and productivity, with a range from 40 to 100 cycles per minute. They are designed for professional casemaking and meet even the most demanding criteria. The Kolbus Copilot system ensures easy operation and quick setup across all machines. Each machine offers different levels of investment, footprint, and output, but all maintain the same high-quality final products. Additionally, all three systems are cost-effective and can be operated by one person while being linked to lining machines for inline file production.

The DA 270 is a fast and efficient machine designed for casemaking applications. It features a user-friendly design that maximizes operator efficiency and minimizes fatigue. The machine operates at a rate of 65 cycles per minute and is fully automatic, which eliminates stress on case components. Its stability ensures that the process is reliable and minimizes stoppages and rejects. The machine is easy to set up, applies glue thinly and evenly, and only wastes one casing in the event of a stoppage.

The Kolbus DA 270 is a machine designed for bookbinding that incorporates various features to improve productivity and efficiency. It includes a board magazine and cutter, which can be adjusted for different formats without swapping components. The machine also has an automatic centre-strip roll feed, which precision controls the feed process for delicate materials. The cloth feed and separation process is non-stop, and designed with an ergonomically ideal height and accessible from three sides. The gluing system utilizes a twin-roll system, which applies glue in an ultra-thin and highly uniform layer, and can use various types of glue, including hotmelt. Overall, the Kolbus DA 270 combines several advanced features to offer high precision, smooth, and evenly glued case surfaces and high production speeds.

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