When it comes to book and brochure manufacturing, there are a lot of factors to consider. One of the most important is the adhesive binder used to hold the pages together. A high-quality adhesive binder can make the difference between a product that lasts for years and one that falls apart quickly. That's why the Master 6501 adhesive binder is such an exciting development.

One of the key features of the Master 6501 is its versatility. This adhesive binder is capable of handling cold-setting, hot-melt, and polyurethane adhesive equipment. This means that it can be used for a wide range of manufacturing processes, including the production of brochures and book sheets. This versatility makes the Master 6501 a cost-effective choice for short runs, as well as for longer print runs.

The Master 6501 is available as both a single unit machine and as an inline-adhesive binder. The arrangement of the working stations for brochures and book block manufacturing, combined with binding techniques such as Swiss brochure, Otabinding, or Eurobinding brochures, makes this machine highly adaptable to any specific customer demands. And if your needs change, the modular design concept makes it easy to add or remove processing modules.

One of the standout features of the Master 6501 is its coated clamping carriage system. This system has a central adjustment ranging from 0 to 90 mm, making it easy to handle a wide range of products. The system also has ball-bearing mounted double guides, a refined unlocking mechanism for easy opening of the clamping carriage, and the ability to set the product protrusion from 8 to 15 mm. All of these features combine to make the clamping carriage system one of the most versatile and user-friendly on the market.

The gluing unit system of the Master 6501 is just as impressive. The mobile gluing units enable fast and easy exchanges in just a few minutes. And the ample safety covers ensure that the machine is always safe to use, without sacrificing comfort or ease of operation.

Spine preparation:

The Spine Preperation Station consists of a milling unit with 6.2 kW motor power rating, a centrally adjustable clamping rail for increasing the clamping pressure in the clamping carriage and a combined notching, grinding and brushing station with variable height adjustment. For thread­stitched products, the milling station can be lowered easily. For adaptation to different materials, there are options for fine and rough milling. 

Gluing / Gauzing

The hot-melt side gluing unit has horizontal gluing discs and scraper control, which can be adjusted for height and sheet-thickness individually. Both gluing units have a patented premelter with a minimum indicator for the adhesive reservoir. The gauzing station can be easily integrated onto the back of the master 6501. Additionally, a speed-optimized feed system ensures accurate placement of gauzing stripes at high speeds.

Scoring device

A tool used for scoring in 2 and 4 grooves comes with a central adjustment system to accommodate both the main and decorative grooves. Additionally, separate ancillary tools are available for adapting to heavy cover materials. With the help of the central adjustment for cover widths, parallel adjustment for cover stand, and diagonal adjustment for fine adaptation, the device can handle various cover formats and materials, even in cases of cutting and printing discrepancies. The 100mm diameter scoring tool is capable of forming heavy covering materials with optimal precision.

Cover feeders

Rotary cover feeder is designed to process 4, 6, and 8-page covers of varying quality. It is equipped with a face-up cover picture and a 20° inclination of the cover hopper to enhance operating comfort. The machine incorporates proven elements such as pneumatic jets, picking devices, and cam-controlled grippers that gently transport the material into the cover guidance system. This ensures that the covers are handled carefully and with minimal damage during the production process.

Stream cover feederIf the pile height is shallow, the stream feeder provides a large pre-pile volume for covers. It is particularly suitable for very delicate materials, long runs, and high machine capacities.

In summary, the Master 6501 adhesive binder is one of the most versatile and flexible machines on the market today. It can handle a wide range of manufacturing processes, from cold-setting to hot-melt and polyurethane adhesive equipment. And with its modular design and adaptable working stations, the Master 6501 can be customized to meet the specific needs of any customer. Whether you're producing short runs or long ones, the Master 6501 is the ideal adhesive binder for your needs.

All technical specifications are subject to change and modifications in construction.