The printing industry is always looking for ways to streamline production and increase productivity while minimizing costs. Palamides has come up with a new automatic delta delivery system that does just that. Designed with an anti-static device, small format-device, and stacking level compensation, the Palamides Delta703 is a game-changer.

The main advantage of the Delta703 is that it's primarily a fully automatic delivery system that streamlines the production process. This rationalizes the process and minimizes the number of personnel required to operate it. Thanks to its sturdy build and easy-to-handle stacks, it ensures effective removal to subsequent processing machines with minimal manpower. With the Palamides Delta delivery system, bundling the packages is not necessary either.

At folding machines, only one operator is needed to handle the Delta, while one person can remove the stack easily, efficiently, and cost-effectively at saddle stitchers, even with 2-up or 3-up production and full running capacity. Internal transfer from the folding machine to the saddle stitcher is quick and easy, and the band serves as a means of relocating the products fast and efficiently.

The Delta also sets new standards for speed, format range, and user-friendliness. With its ability to process 600 packages per hour per product stream, it outshines all previous machines. The tandem version performs even better, processing up to 3,600 packages per hour. Additionally, the Palamides Delta703 comes equipped with an electronic impulse welding system (EIS) that ensures trouble-free sealing of the band.

One unique feature of the Delta delivery system is its patented process. Bundling only occurs in the shaft in which the products are collected, guaranteeing that even products that are slippery, spread out at the binding edge, or uneven are processed neatly.


  • Automatic format recognition and waste sheet ejection for continuous production with no bad sheets in the stack
  • Pressing unit with pre and main pressing rollers with up to 3.5 t forming pressure, can be opened pneumatically.
  • Quick set-up mode, without tools, to limit set-up time to a few minutes.
  • Product stability device for reliable process- ing of difficult and thin products.
  • Large format range approx. A7 to A3 enables high efficiency.
  • Ergonomic and joint friendly removal of the packages.
  • Suitable for inline processing, automatic transfer of the stack possible, e.g. to shrink-wrap tunnels.
  • Barcode/Datamatrix reading system can be used for individual package formation.

In conclusion, the Palamides Delta703 automatic delivery system with an anti-static device, small format-device, and stacking level compensation is a time and cost-effective solution for the printing industry. Its unbeatable speed, format range, user-friendliness, and unique bundling process make it an essential piece of equipment for any printing business looking to streamline their production and unlock cost-saving opportunities.

All technical specifications are subject to change and modifications in construction.