In the printing industry, precision, speed, and efficiency are key factors for success. This is why machine manufacturer MBO has developed the A10 stacker for processing folded signatures. This stacker offers a horizontal layout that allows folded signatures to be processed quickly and precisely with only a single operator.

The A10 stacker makes use of integrated, modular and highly scalable PC-based control technology from Beckhoff. According to MBO, this control technology is one of the key factors in the high performance of the stacker. The comprehensive Beckhoff system provides numerous benefits in terms of efficiency and modularity, making it easier to add new components and functionalities to the stacker.

The Beckhoff EL3356-0010 EtherCAT terminal with extreme fast control technology (XFC) provides exceptionally high precision in the signature stacking process by integrating advanced measurement with oversampling technology into the control system. The AX5200 servo drives series enable fast and highly dynamic positioning performance, while the AM8000 series servomotors feature one-cable technology (OCT), delivering significant speed and space benefits while ensuring much easier installation.

In summary, MBO's A10 stacker is making waves in the printing industry thanks to its precision, speed, and efficiency. The powerful, modular and scalable control technology from Beckhoff is enabling MBO to meet the highest stacking requirements while ensuring easy operation and high-quality results.