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Kolbus a family-owned company for more than 250 years.

Kolbus is one of the leading suppliers of new post-press / book bindery machines. In the year 2018 Kolbus was taken over by Müller Martini worlds largest supplier of new post press / book bindery machines. Although Müller Martini is gaining strength in the used machine market for book production lines, Kolbus nowadays remains the most wanted!


In this blog we focus on the Kolbus BF 527 book finishing line.

In the category up to 60 cycles/minute, the KOLBUS BF 527 book production line processes perfect bound, thread sealed, as well as sewn book blocks in all popular formats. Known for its high quality level and efficient book production, proven during world wide use for many years. The Kolbus BF 527 perhaps the most wanted used Kolbus book finishing line!

For rounding, backing and casing-in of book blocks in hard, flexible or plastic cases. Alternative gluing, gauzing, backlining and headbanding, all depending on the configuration of the machine, is possible.


Configuration options for a Kolbus BF 527:

* Kolbus Copilot

* Measuring table

* Pre-heater (IR)

* Pre-heater (hot air)

* Star feeder

* Rounding and backing station

* Gauzing station

* Book mark suction

* Backlining and headbanding station

* Rubbing down station

* Case pre staking

* Case station

* Case bending station

* Case forming station

* Casing-in station

* Book forming and pressing machine FE 604

* Pre-former

* 6 joint forming stations

* Pressing station 15KN

* Pressing station 45KN or 15 KN (may be switched over)


* Equipment for processing undersize formats

* Hotmelt nozzle gluing unit for spine gluing in the casing in station

* Hotmelt nozzle gluing unit for joint gluing in the casing in station

* Hotmelt nozzle gluing unit for spine and joint gluing in the casing in station

* Marking ribbon gluing device

* Double case control (for one-piece flexible cases)

* Viscosity control device for automatic water supply to ensure constant glue viscosity

* Equipment for remote diagnosis


Technical specifications Kolbus BF 527 (subject to change)

Size range book block:

Width x Height x Thickness

Max. 305 x 375 x 80 mm

Min. 100 x 100 x 2 mm

Min. 70 x 100 x 2 mm (small format option)

Size range opened case:

Max. 660 x 385 mm

Min. 210 x 105 mm

Min. 155 x 105 mm (small format option)


Mechanical speed:

Up to 60 cycles/min. Net production is subject to sizes, materials etc.

Machine dimensions:

Kolbus BF 527 – 5 stations 11,60 x 3,52 x 2,7 mtr

Kolbus BF 512 – 7 stations 12,94 x 3,65 x 2,8 mtr

Weight 17.130 kg


Kolbus developed a large range of book finishing lines: Kolbus BF 36, Kolbus BF 40, Kolbus compact 2000, Kolbus BF 523, Kolbus BF 524, Kolbus BF 525, Kolbus BF 526, Kolbus BF 527, Kolbus BF 511, Kolbus BF 512, Kolbus BF 530.