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Müller Martini AG with their headquarters in Switzerland is market leader when it concerns the manufacturing of post press / book bindery machines. They are founded 1946 and started under the name Grapha Maschinenfabrik. In 1955 the company name was changed into Grapha Maschinenfabrik Hans Müller A.G. Martini joined the organisation in 1969 after which the company continued under the name of Müller Martini AG. Müller Martini manufactured machines for saddle stitched product, softcover products, hard cover product and so on.

In this blog we focus on the Müller Martini Acoro A7 perfect binders for the production of soft cover books and or book blocks for hard cover books.


The Acoro A5 and A7 are designed for fast changeover times and high quality production. The machines are specially designed for mid size binderies. Easy operation by the machine operator control touch screen monitor. Job and book thickness related make ready and changeover positions are controlled at the Commander. The perfect binder is also suitable for the production of Swissbind Brochures, Swiss Brochures, soft cover books with cover detached from the spine and English Brochures.

Müller Martini Acoro A7 features:

* Commander setting with touchscreen

* lnclined infeed with lateral air cushions

* Leveling shelf

* Milling station

* Hotmelt spine glue station

* PUR spine glue station

* PVA spine glue station

* Hotmelt side glue station

* lnfrared dryers

* Mull/ lining station

* Universal drum cover feeder

* Stream cover feeder

* Cover nipper

* Laydown device

The binding line can be equipped with an inline Müller Martni gatherer, criss cross delivery in between gatherer and binder, book block feeder to process sewn book blocks and or an end sheet tipping unit. Further the machine can be connected with a Muller Martini / Ambaflex or Solema conveyor system, Müller Martini front cutter Frontero and finally a Müller Martini three knife trimmer like the Müller Martini Merit S or Müller Martini Zenith.



Technical specifications: Müller Martini Acoro A7 perfect binder (subject to change)

* Mechanical speed: max. 1.000 – 7.000 cycles/hour

* Clamp pitch: 21 “

* Number of clamps: 22 or 28

* Clamp opening: 82 mm


* Spine length: min. 140 mm

* Spine length: max. 430 mm

* Book width: min. 100 mm

* Book width: max. 320 mm

* Book thickness, compressed: min. 3 mm

* Book thickness, compressed: max. 60 mm

* Cover width: min. 203 mm

* Cover width: max. 642 mm

* Cover length: min. 140 mm

* Cover length: max. 430 mm

* Book hangout (after spine cut-off): min. 8 mm

* Book hangout (after spine cut-off): max. 17 mm