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Müller Martini AG with their headquarters in Switzerland is market leader when it concerns the manufacturing of post press / book bindery machines. They are founded 1946 and started under the name Grapha Maschinenfabrik. In 1955 the company name was changed into Grapha Maschinenfabrik Hans Müller A.G. Martini joined the organisation in 1969 after which the company continued under the name of Müller Martini AG. Müller Martini manufactured machines for saddle stitched product, softcover products, hard cover product and so on.

In this blog we focus on the Müller Martini Ventura MC and the Müller Martini VenturaConnect sewing line.


The Müller Martini book sewing machine Ventura MC is a hight speed sewing machine which assure perfect sewing and a high production efficiency. Many of the size settings are automatically. The machine is controlled by the Commander touchscreen.


* The guided signature transport allows the processing of highly sophisticated signatures.

* The Asir 3 system monitors the signatures for their correct sequence and opening

* Smooth and stable sewing process thanks to air-jet generated thread loops and two-part sewing saddle

* Minimal-vibration through solid frame design

* Signature opening by sword or suckers (2+2)

* 3 optional delivery models, stacked, shingled or upright


The Müller Martini book sewing system VenturaConnect is a combination of 1, 2 or 3 Ventura MC sewing machines connected with a Müller Martini gathering. A combination specially suitable for longer runs, completing the sewn book block from signature to book block in one operation.


Technical specifications: Müller Martini Ventura MC (subject to change)

* Mechanical speed:18 – 200 cycles/minute – max. 12.000 cycles/hour

Book sizes:

* Min. signature length 120 mm (4 3/4”)

* Max. signature length 510 mm (20 1/8”)

* Min. signature width 75 mm (3”)

* Max. signature width 320 mm (12 5/8”)

* Max. signature thickness 4 mm (5/32”)

Number of stitches:

* Standard stitch 13

* Combined staggered stitch 13

Stitch length:

* 16,5 mm (2/3 “)

Machine weight:

Ventura MC 3450 kg (7590 lbs)

Stacker 290 kg ( 638 lbs )

Technical specifications for the Müller Martini VenturaConnect MC  are depending on the model of the gatherer.