The Kolbus range of casemakers consists of the DA 260, DA 270, and DA 280 machines. These machines offer exceptional performance and productivity, with a range from 40 to 100 cycles per minute. They are designed for professional casemaking and meet even the most demanding criteria. The Kolbus Copilot system ensures easy operation and quick setup across all machines. Each machine offers different levels of investment, footprint, and output, but all maintain the same high-quality final products. Additionally, all three systems are cost-effective and can be operated by one person while being linked to lining machines for inline file production.

The DA 260 casemaker has been designed to perfectly complement the BF 512 book finishing system, which operates at 30 cycles per minute. This machine is ideal for small production runs, such as in photobook production, and for larger-scale production of multi-part cases. It provides excellent product quality, with all key functions operating to the highest standards, particularly the turn-in units. The DA 260 is capable of maintaining a stable process, even at its highest speeds, and producing all standard case formats with minimal risk of stoppages. It is also easy to operate and quick to set up, ensuring maximum output.

This text describes the features and capabilities of a machine used to produce book covers. The machine has a magazine that can hold stacks of precut cover boards, feeders that can handle multi-part boards, and a flexible center strip unit that can cut and feed center strips from rolls. The center strip is precision controlled to ensure even delicate materials are not torn during the feed process. The machine also has an optional board cutter that can be set to different dimensions and can be used to cut boards or stiff center strips. The cutter is driven independently to reduce downtime and material waste. Magazine capacity is large enough for five minutes' operation, and the machine can process multiple magazines for processing up to four board sections when producing multi-part cases.


Kolbus develops case making machine and keeps improving quality and output. By now an impressive list of models were produced – Kolbus GD – Kolbus GD-S – Kolbus DA36 – Kolbus DA-S – Kolbus DA 230 – Kolbus DA 231 – Kolbus DA 232Kolbus DA 240 – Kolbus DA Chronos – Kolbus DA 260 – Kolbus DA 270 – Kolbus 280.

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