One of the faster folding machines in the world. The K8RS is the top model of the MBO combi folding machines. Based on the K8 model, the K8RS is designed for high productivity. In addition, it features valuable, performance-optimising enhancements which not only allow the outstanding production speed of the folding machine but also guarantee the highest production quality and stability.

The K8RS ensures ideal convenience of operation and extremely short set-up times. Wide-ranging automation options and a knife folding area which can be configured as required round off the possibilities offered by the K8RS. These features make the K8RS the perfect solution for the widely varying requirements of large and medium-sized print runs.

With high-performance peripheral units, such as the CoBo-Stack stacking robot, this folding machine turns into a highly automated folding line.

KGT currently offers as owner this MBO folding machine K8 RS S-KTLT/4 age 2018. This machine was purchased by us from a printing/bookbinding company in Germany which has stopped their operations recently.

KGT for almost 50 years experience with the purchase and sale of used bookbinding machines and printing machines worldwide.

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